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We rapidly build trust with our clients to expertly handle their valuable intellectual property
We change perceptions to remove barriers for smooth international technology transfer
We use our five core capabilities to enhance and adapt technologies to suit the market
DBD operate at the leading edge of international emerging markets, where new technologies and approaches are being created but where the route to commercialisation is not always fully clear. DBD bridges this technical, commercial, and cultural gap through the application of its five core capabilities and a successful history in international technology transfer. You can read more about our capabilities here: Our success in establishing technology transfer solutions between mature markets and the fast developing markets in Asia and Middle East has been achieved through clear pathways to handle Intellectual Property, perform technical and commercial due diligence, adapt technologies and identify and explore target markets. Through the combination of our Different by Design approach our clients combine to successfully solve issues through the application of novel and leading edge technologies.
Managing Director, Emerging Markets
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David Cuming
Why should you work with Different By Design?
How we helped our client turn their waste into commercial renewable energy
A technical and commercial due diligence for a waste to energy project.