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Providing our international experience to the Japanese market through our five key capabilities 当社の5つの主要な能力を駆使して、日本市場へ豊富な国際経験を提供する
Applying strategic engineering in some of the worlds most demanding environments 世界で最も要求の厳しい環境で戦略的エンジニアリングを適用する
Identifying nuclear industry best practice and regulation, and translating this across regional and cultural borders 原子力産業のベストプラクティスと規制を特定し、地域や国境を越えた解釈を提供する
Our experience of international working combined with our strong technical capability uniquely positions us to support our clients in solving their problems, de-risking their programmes and benchmarking against international best practice. We appreciate and understand the challenges facing the Japanese nuclear industry today including: the reactor restart programme; challenges posed by the Fukushima site; and the decommissioning of reactors reaching the end of life. We use each of our five core capabilities to assist our clients in overcoming these challenges. You can read more about our capabilities here: We also recognise the opportunities that lie within the industry, such as the closing of the nuclear fuel cycle in Japan and the translation of Japanese reactor technology to the UK and other overseas markets. We help our clients see things differently.
Managing Director - Japan
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How we provided safety support internationally
Technical and safety consultancy to transition an existing facility to an ALARP based series of safety cases following a shutdown period.