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We look at engineering differently to anticipate and solve tomorrows problems, today
Full life-cycle from concept, prelim, commissioning, through to decommissioning engineering design
We support clients in new build, clean up / decommissioning, fuel cycle operations, and waste management
Engineering is the creative application of science, maths, and evidence to produce useful designs, systems and structures. At DBD, our focus is on ensuring that the engineering solutions we deliver are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. From early feasibility studies, moving through concept into detailed design, and finally supporting commissioning, operations and decommissioning, we ensure that our proposed solutions will be fit for purpose and work as intended. The DBD Process Engineering team has a diverse range of experience and capabilities, providing expert support to our customers in the UK and internationally. The Process Engineering team’s work is integrated with DBD’s supporting capabilities to ensure that we offer rounded solutions to our clients. Our Engineering team:
  • Work closely with DBD’s Safety Capability to ensure that the solutions we produce meet legislative requirements (for example in the UK, ‘ALARP’ and ‘BAT’). Close alignment of engineering and safety (including substantiation of designs) ensures safe, cost effective and practical solutions
  • Integrate our solutions with that of the Modelling Capability, to produce high-value, targeted models and simulations which reflect the facilities being modelled
  • Seamlessly work with the Commissioning and site-facing teams to ensure transfer of designs and solutions into operation
The Engineering team are currently supporting projects for a wide range of sites. Current work ranges from providing new design solutions to operational support/troubleshooting existing facilities. Specific work areas include:
  • Nuclear new build
  • Clean up and Decommissioning
  • Back-end nuclear cycle
  • Waste management and disposal.
Our work is both UK and internationally based. The Engineering team are supporting operations on both UK sites and internationally to support our clients.
Head of Process and Chemical Engineering
(+44) 7805 684803
Ian Jones
What have we done before?
Guiding overseas clients through a path of generic design assessment for new reactor technologies
Pre-generic design assessment (GDA) of overseas reactor technology.
Supporting the design of a major new build facility
An example of working with the front end design of a new build waste treatment facility.
We're engineered differently
Our Process and Chemical Engineering team think about engineering as a full life cycle, not a short term project. We are #DifferentByDesign from conception through to completion.
Our integrated client engineer team
How we work differently