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Prioritising projects and guiding you towards the right path for your complex challenges
Our robust optioneering tool, D2O, makes light work out of heavy decisions
Minimising the risk of your programmes with our change management processes, so you are prepared before you take the first step
Our clients are frequently faced with some of the industry’s most complex and demanding challenges. These challenges are often compounded by growing stakeholder requirements or reducing budgets, leading to periods of uncertainty and increased risk. At DBD, we see these challenges as an opportunity to deliver outcomes differently. We deploy our international expertise, experienced team members, and ever evolving toolkits to deliver right first time solutions to meet your needs through:
  • Our D2O decision analysis process
  • Our programme/portfolio assurance techniques
  • The optimisation and implementation of business management processes
  • Resillience and business continuity management
Don't be uncertain; don't be at risk; be Different By Design.
Head of Advisory and Decision Sciences
(+44) 7761 051650
Lewis McVey
Why should you work with Different By Design?
Technical and engineering support to an integrated client team
An example of DBD offering strategic and technical services.
How we saved our client $20M with one important decision
Site Fire Protection Optioneering Study in North America which reduced costs, reduced risk, and improved programme optimization through a proven decisions support approach
We make every decision count
We support you through every challenge, so you can stand out from the crowd with your decisions.
Improving timely decision making for our client
A decision to turn waste into renewable energy