DBD International
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We help our clients to develop healthy safety cultures to improve their overall business performance
We focus on finding an acceptable balance between safety, functionality, and the environment
We believe safety, security, and a healthy environment should be a fundimental expectation of life
Our Safety, Security, and Environmental Services are focused on supporting the Nuclear Industry. We do this by providing solutions to achieve a balance of proportionality between safety, functionality, and the environment. We understand the challenges facing our clients, including: extending the lifetime of existing plants; the construction of new plants; and the management of legacy nuclear plants. These challenges demand a pragmatic and proportional approach to Safety, Security and Environmental management in order to ensure that acceptable decisions are made in design. The safety and security of people, and the protection of our environment, underpins every action that we take. At DBD we don’t see these as barriers, we see them as a culture.
Head of Safety, Security & Environmental
+44 (0)1925 814084
John Hurst
What have we done before?
Keeping our clients' sites and facilities safe and secure through the long term
A safety & environmental case review for a confidential client.
Our clients are prepared for when emergency arises
An example of emergency preparedness & resilience architecture.
We provided safety support internationally
Technical and safety consultancy to transition an existing facility to an ALARP based series of safety cases following a shutdown period.
It pays to be prepared
Safety and security means peace of mind, and we work with clients to reduce risk and make this happen.
Why you should assess everyday risk
We turned waste into renewable energy