DBD International
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Technical and Engineering support to an integrated Client team
An example of DBD offering Strategic and Technical Services.
Guiding an international client through the path of Generic Design Assessments for new reactor technologies
A pre-Generic Design Assessment (GDA) of international reactor technology.
Keeping our Cients' sites and facilities safe and secure for the long term
A Safety & Environmental case review for a confidential Client.
How we provided safety support internationally
Technical and Safety consultancy to transition an existing facility to an ALARP based series of Safety cases following a shutdown period.
Supporting the design of a major new build facility
An example of working with the front end design of a new build waste treatment facility.
How we helped our Client turn their waste into renewable energy
A Technical and Commercial due diligence for a waste to energy project.
How we saved our Client $20M with our robust decision analysis process
Site Fire Protection Optioneering study in North America which reduced a) costs; b) risk; and improved programme optimisation through a proven decisions support approach.
Delivery of a Fuel Facility Model
Modelling support to a Fuel Cycle Plant in Cadarache, France, for the transferring of Reactor Fuels.
Enhancing our Client's ability for effective decision making in a timely manner
We created a simple strategic modelling tool to control changing requirements against a demanding timescale.
Our Clients are prepared for when emergency arises
An example of emergency preparedness and resilience architecture.