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Inactive & Active Commissioning and Pre-Operations Management

World-class inactive and active commissioning expertise


When it comes to the commissioning and operations of a nuclear plant you need advisors with deep knowledge and experience of real-life scenarios. Because our specialists have held senior positions at sites such as Sellafield in the UK and other major reactor sites, you'll quickly discover they are people who are immersed in the industry and talk your language when it comes to nuclear safety, the commissioning process and operations management.

We can offer an integrated package that is designed to deliver a successful end result that is future-proofed and minimises the need for re-testing whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality. We apply a Risk-Focused strategy that is embedded in the whole process - from the front end through to operations, all based on DBD's extensive experience of major projects.

Key to our approach is a constant awareness of cost considerations whilst still prioritising conformity to regulations. For this reason we've developed expertise in optimising off-site works testing, exploiting modular designs and on-site systemisation to bring high level efficiencies to your project. By utilising DBD's expertise, you can avoid expensive delays from overlooked faults, minimise risk and ensure the plant achieves its design performance standards at the earliest opportunity 

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