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Independent Peer Review

An Objective Analysis of Your Project by Experts

An independent peer review is only as good as the people who undertake it. Peer Review

At DBD our team has an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in the nuclear industry. They are recognised experts in strategic, technical, engineering and management issues. It means that you can rely on us to deliver a review that is not only highly credible but also likely to provide tangible benefits.

Our knowledge is extensive, covering everything from design to commissioning, from safety to financial planning. So whether you want to focus on a specific area or the total programme, our people will be able to supply the insights and overview that will identify those areas of the project that are performing well and those that need attention.

With accurate management information from experts, it is much easier to allocate or transfer resources, reassure stakeholders and ensure compliance with regulations. Commissioning a peer review from DBD is a positive contribution to the success of your project, whether at an early or advanced stage.

What you can expect from us

  • Full understanding of business drivers and the criteria for success
  • In-depth consideration of Stakeholder and Regulator requirements
  • Team members who are respected experts in their field
  • Identification of key risks and opportunities
  • Independence from your programme team and business sponsor
  • Full transparency and auditable by all Stakeholders
  • Application of best practice
  • Project support available if required


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