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Resilience Assessment

Minimising the Consequences of Severe Accidents or External Hazards


At DBD we have a systematic evaluation process to assess just how effective your safety systems, resources and command & control procedures would be in the event of a severe accident.

The review process was developed in the UK as a response to severe accidents and external hazards and so is highly robust and auditable. It covers a wide range of eventualities, ranging from a prolonged full Site black-out to force majeure e.g. earthquakes, flooding or malicious act by an individual or group. For Sites that are already well prepared, a resilience assessment provides assurance to the regulator, whilst where improvements are required the review will accurately identify them and suggest ways to secure individual plants and processes or complete sites against disaster. It also gives you the tools and plans needed to make informed decisions should a severe accident occur.

The whole process is bespoke - each situation and plant is different - so you can rely on recommendations that are specifically tailored to precise needs, whether it concerns backup power generations or enhanced communication systems, improvements in high hazard process monitoring or changes to the cooling water supply. Ultimately it enables you to install the best prevention measures combined with pro-active management plans to deal with major accident scenarios.

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