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Apr 2018
Why I wanted to work with DBD
Jess Hearne
Media & Marketing Consultant, Jessica Hearne, on why she chose to be Different By Design
#DifferentByDesign can mean a lot of things but to me it means standing out from the crowd and proudly doing things your own way. That’s the way I’ve always done things, and it’s the way DBD do things too. I secured a contract to work with this unique team within 36 hours of the position being advertised, and here’s why.
The power of social media
Why I wanted to work with DBD
I first heard that DBD were looking for content and Marketing assistance when I was recommended by a mutual colleague on a LinkedIn post by DBD’s CEO Thomas Keegan. As a young business owner / freelance creative, the post peaked my interest. My first impression was positive; Tom’s post was genuine and exciting. The position was flexible for the right candidate and they wanted someone who was #DifferentByDesign - what more could I ask for? I commented with a brief overview of my eclectic mix of skills and a link to my website. A few hours went by before I was contacted by DBD offering to schedule a video conference with the CEO, along with his Business Development Director, David Parr. We discussed content and marketing ideas - brainstormed how I might be able to “shake things up,” and by the next morning we were drawing up a Contract.
"Any company that knows and understands how to work with people, is a company I want to work with."
Why I wanted to work with DBD
This process was illuminating to me because it showed how DBD conduct their business. DBD know what they want and they make things happen thus building a foundation of trust with the people they work with from the get-go. From what I’ve seen so far when working with their team, they value personal relationships with their clients and colleagues above all else. Each relationship is a unique one and nothing feels like a simple mindless transaction. Any business that knows how to work with people is a business I want to work with.

My own business, Hearne Creative, helps clients tell their story. We create bespoke content for clients through a range of creative mediums, from copywriting, to videography, through to social media strategy. My work is all about creating something different for each client because I understand that each person I work with has a different story which needs to be told in its own way. DBD’s work takes a similar approach; they have several areas of expertise, and they use a blend of these skills to create bespoke solutions for each of their clients.

Our areas of expertise couldn’t be further apart, but the way we think and the way we do business aligns tightly. With this unique collaboration we’ll be able to shake up the way this business - and the industry in which it sits - markets itself, and get people talking about the groundbreaking work being done in an engaging way.
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